Art direction & Design:
hyder wong

Publish : 2016 / 01 / 03

熱島咖啡 Heat Island Coffee

Heat Island coffee. Is a Shanghai cafe, the main business of commercial coffee space and coffee suppliers, "hot island coffee" aims to live in the magic of people in Shanghai, for the work and entertainment people to provide new expectations and high quality experience. HEAT ISLAND COFFEE Each cup of coffee is prepared by a professional barista, and our delicious food, pastry and snack options are made by our expert chefs or from other small local businesses in Shanghai.Published: January 3, 2016

熱島咖啡是一家上海咖啡馆,主经营商业咖啡空间和咖啡供应商,宗旨是为在魔都上海生活、工作和娱乐的人们提供新的期待以及高品质体验。熱島咖啡Heat Island Coffe的每一杯咖啡都是经过专业的咖啡师亲手调制而成,美味食品,糕点和小吃选择都是由专家厨师制作的,或者来自上海市的其他小型本地企业。