Art direction & Design : Hyder Wong

Photo : Hyder Wong

Client : Only Mua 蒽丽慕

ONLY-MUA Monroe Lipstick

ONLY-MUA is Ningbo Yushi company's brand, in the country has more than 200 outlets, product line is rich, the company philosophy is through beauty products to create a better life.

This design is different from the past, the product design is in the design of the purchase of reasons, to consider the things more diversified, is a three-dimensional thinking mode, need to take into account a lot of things to achieve a balance point. The design of the landing link in this design is the most critical, need to carefully understand the supply chain factory a variety of processes and technologies to choose the best way to make the stage of the best products.

In order to the characteristics of Monroe with this paragraph lipstick brand concept through the formal language together, so t

hat their design lipstick and other brands to differentiate in order to faster open the lipstick products in the high-end market, we have done a lot of programs.
Good design is designed to better solve problems. In the process of design, according to the demand point of view of the product floor to deal with a variety of problems to try a variety of programs, subtraction or addition is a way to deal with specific problems, the design of the ultimate goal is to achieve a balance. Therefore, in this design, we put ourselves two questions.

We also learned that the big brand behind the brand culture to do support, luxury brand lipstick consumer groups are aware of the brand, the product grade has a certain pursuit, there is a certain cultural level and economic basis of such people, such people , The quality of the product may not be the first element of their purchase, more importantly, is the product brought about by the brand attached emotional value. Therefore, focus on the brand itself embodies the design of the corresponding LOGO style, to find their own product image has become particularly important.
At the same time, we also conducted a survey of most domestic consumers and found that most of the domestic consumers in the selection of lipstick is more concerned about the makeup of the color, durability, packaging luxury exquisite and cost-effective.
first question,
How to achieve through the design of brand characteristics to achieve brand differentiation
The second question is what we can do through their own design, such as how to design through the formation of brand characteristics to achieve brand differentiation. To this end, we based on this paragraph lipstick's own brand image and Marilyn Monroe's commercial elements of the lipstick of the various elements were analyzed.
Think of Monroe's commercial elements, we immediately thought she was American, while the film industry and Broadway were an image representative of American business.
So, we through the elements of the narrative expression of the narrative to the overall unity of the tone so that a strong visual atmosphere presented, so as to achieve more effects and retinal effects to bring back the desire of consumers to buy.




第一个问题, 如何通过设计形成品牌特色来实现品牌差异性