Art direction & Design:
hyder wong & xuxu tian

剡木入字 Slice Wood Into The Typeface

"Slice wood into the awakened" from Xu Shen's "Shuowen Jiezi", where the Slice wood phase into the surplus into the virtual that the bamboo shoots, Therefore, there are bamboo shoots head of the words, the word itself is talking about tenon, say "awakened" into "word" is the name of the work. "Artifact" not only in the form of formal language reflects the understanding of the ancients of formal beauty, but also through the tangible "device" to convey the invisible "Road", thus breaking the "utensils" universal material meaning, to achieve the spirit of the pursuit of the spirit of life. Artifacts are presented to the user while presenting the author's intentions. But now most of the artifacts are made by the machine cold, too packaging or publicity, the producers do not mind, the same users do not care. "In people's imagination, the artifacts are short-lived, but only to meet the needs of the moment, or cause temporary attention and produced. Poor quality, packaging kitsch, can not be long-term use." The relationship between people and objects loose and easy Off, quickly fill the required, quickly abandoned.People 's "feelings" of artifacts come from a moment' s needs, love at first sight, brand or price, but this emotion is easy to be replaced, too many temptations and too many alternatives. It is hard to have a beautiful object that keeps you from being used all day long. So we extract the symbolic meaning from the tenon, and as a basis for the creation of works.