Art direction & Design : Hyder Wong

Photo : Hyder Wong

对狼人杀最由衷的热爱,想让喜爱狼人杀的用户使用更好的狼人杀卡牌, 因此把自己的那份冲动通过设计的方式来展现出来。


The most sincere love for the werewolf to kill, the user who loves the werewolf to kill the use of better werewolf to kill the card, so the impulse of their own through the design of the way to show.
The card has been uniquely designed, and after careful and systematic design, each card is presented to the public with a distinctive visual image. The whole series works with a very simple and linear design. In the middle of each card is the image of the werewolf killing each character. The upper left and lower right corners are the character representative icons, and the upper right and the sitting are the Chinese name and English name respectively. The character pattern of the entire card series is linear orange and black. The background color is white, the package is in orange linear pattern, the background color is black, and the whole set is cool.

狼人殺卡牌設計 WERE WOLVES Cards Design