Art direction & Design:
hyder wong & xuxu tian


From the "clothing" from the perspective of the main point of view, "clothing" itself seems to have a need to be concerned about the concern of care. Now we treat "clothing" seems to be a thing that can be discarded at any time, improper dress and improper washing, will cause damage to clothing, and then faced with the waste is caused by discarded, and some donations , We think that it is only a kind of compassionate approach to the forthcoming thing, but literally it seems to be very just, and that the act itself is not a respect for the clothing, and of course we Not a denial of the act of donating clothing, but another reflection on its behavior. So, in the face of this reality, we are just with our special care, from another point of view to interpret these "clothing" itself, "clothing" and the story between mankind.